About Steve

My name is Steve Sacre of "Steves Tours" I assume You have heard the term "bicoastal" meaning an individual is splitting their time living on both the west as well as the east coasts.Well, I consider myself "Bi-gateway".By that I split my time between the gateway of the Columbia River Gorge in Washougal, Wa and the gateway to the "Wild Rivers Coast" in Port Orford, Or.
I recently acquired a 4dr Zimmer which I recently drove in the Port Orford 4th of July Jubilee parade.
I will be starting tours in the Columbia River Gorge on both the Wa & Or sides,wineries in Yamhill County,all of the Or coast (pretty much all 363 miles),to the Trees of Mystery just south of Crescent City, then back up the 199 thru Cave Junction,Jacksonville, Ashland,then up the 5N back to Portland.It is called "Tour of Three States Trail "I have a TM pending with the USPTO  on this.
Depending on the time of year I will showcase the venues such as Jerry's jet boats in Gold Beach, Sandrails, Atvs/Utvs in Florence in the summer months when the weather is best and the venues are actually open.
I currently have a website "stevestours.net" and a mobile APP "Tour of Three States Trail "that will be Android & Apple in Beta Testing so nothing to look at currently but I anticipate launch dates in the next several months. APP developer is Bar-Z out of Austin, Tex. They developed "Go Wild" App that encompasses the entire "Wild Rivers Coast".My mobile APP will be more interactive than simply listing of attractions/ venues in that it will incorporate "passport visa validation "with the QR code & GPS technology in an individual's smartphone. So let's say one visits "Trees of Mystery with my new APP soon to be launched an individual will be able to get a discount if they visit Sea Lions Cave in Florence provided that they have already visited "Trees of Mystery.The visa validation stamp will authentication visa QR code & GPS tech from the "Tour of the Three States Trail "mobile APP.
My passion is travel, road trips, and classic cars.From 35 years of extensive traveling in the Pacific Northwest,  I have distilled "La Creme de la Creme" and Port Orford as well the entire wild rivers coast is included in this route.Tour of Three States Trail encompasses three states Wa, Or, & Ca 1200 miles, and a smile on your face throughout.
Similar to the Pacific Crest Trail people will be able to participate with me on the whole loop or simply a section of it such as only the Columbia River Gorge depending on an individuals time and budget constraints.With the interactive mobile APP
People will be able to venture out on their own.

Similar to Pokémon Go people will be able to follow the interactive route, but instead of an "emoji" as their reward, the visa validation system of my mobile APP will qualify them for either free trips, discounts, or prizes with all participating passport partners.