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Event/Party/Function. Plan, direct, and produce a truly unique happening with stand-ins & masquerades. This will make your event transformative. Everyone gets to check in by leaving their everyday faces in a jar by the door and donning a mask of their choice. The more guests you have the more the hilarious the outcomes!
  • Tour Length: Approx 4 Hours
  • Tour Cost: $250
  • Tour Includes:
    • Choose  your stand-ins &/or masquerade  for your tour, party, or celebration
  • Special Tour Notes:
    • None


1) Steves Tours reserve the right to declare “Inclement  Weather “days in the event of adverse weather. If road conditions require traction control devices such as chains &/or snow tires and in the interest of safety and welfare of all tours might be canceled or postponed. All local weather advisories are closely monitored. I have no control over neither ” Acts of God” nor “Mother Nature ” FYI the touring vehicle is a Zimmer, not a Zamboni.

2)All trips and tours include  ALL gratuities

3)All tours are prepaid.Suggest reviewing trip cancellation insurance coverage for peace of mind for those so inclined.

4)All venues/attractions  (zip lining, jet boating, white water rafting,etc.) entail some degree of risk, but hey when you think about it, so does binge eating & watching tv on your duff for untold hours.I am just trying to say Steves Tours cannot be held responsible for these venues/attractions. I have researched the safety record of each. I personally feel comfortable enough to personally participate in which I often do and will continue to do, fortunately, that this happens, but I have no control over either acts of God nor Mother nature.


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