Hollywood Gorge Tour


Limited to 2 Attendees



Retrace where movies were actually filmed in the Columbia River Gorge. Follow Mel to the location where the paddlewheel boat filmed in Maverick near Beacon Rock on the Washington side. Then we join Reese on her Pacific Crest Trail trek on the iconic Bridge of the Gods as filmed in Wild. It is then crossing over to Oregon where we catch up with Kristen and Robert at Twilight’s prom.
  • Tour Length: Approx 4 Hours
  • Tour Cost: $250
  • Tour Includes:
    • Photo opportunities with cardboard stand-ins
  • Special Tour Notes:
    • Limited to 2 Attendees


1) Steves Tours reserve the right to declare “Inclement  Weather “days in the event of adverse weather. If road conditions require traction control devices such as chains &/or snow tires and in the interest of safety and welfare of all tours might be canceled or postponed. All local weather advisories are closely monitored. I have no control over neither ” Acts of God” nor “Mother Nature ” FYI the touring vehicle is a Zimmer, not a Zamboni.

2)All trips and tours include  ALL gratuities

3)All tours are prepaid.Suggest reviewing trip cancellation insurance coverage for peace of mind for those so inclined.

4)All venues/attractions  (zip lining, jet boating, white water rafting,etc.) entail some degree of risk, but hey when you think about it, so does binge eating & watching tv on your duff for untold hours.I am just trying to say Steves Tours cannot be held responsible for these venues/attractions. I have researched the safety record of each. I personally feel comfortable enough to personally participate in which I often do and will continue to do, fortunately, that this happens, but I have no control over either acts of God nor Mother nature.


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